Our Mission

No longer can we afford to be a throwaway society, plundering the earth's resources and polluting the environment.
We want to make it easy for you to pass on those unwanted golf clubs cluttering up your shed or garage, safe in the knowledge they'll be put to good use.

We want to see aspiring or keen golfers make use of your unwanted clubs, even if they are in need of a little TLC. We work in partnership with local golf courses, providing a free drop-off service. They'd love to see you, whether you are a regular member or have never set foot on a course before. You might be surprised at what's going on, and what's on offer.

We believe garage2green is the world's first dedicated golf club take-back and reuse service, supporting the transition to a circular economy. We want to help make golf greener, engaging as many players (past, present and future), courses and suppliers as possible along the way.

garage2green launched as a pilot in Scotland 'The Home of Golf' during 2018, serving the Glasgow and Inverness areas. Drawing on resources and expertise from a range of sectors, the pilot was run in partnership with local Scottish organisations and supported from the outset by Scottish Golf. 

Pilot funding has come from the European Regional Development Fund, delivered through Zero Waste Scotland. Despite the pilot now being completed, we continue to operate the scheme in and around Inverness with our charitable partners, Blythswood Care.