garage2green pilot to continue until February 2020, with over 4,000 clubs collected to date (June 2019)

Having collected well over 4,000 clubs to date, we are pleased to confirm that the Scottish pilot, operating with the support of Zero Waste Scotland, Scottish Golf and numerous courses around Glasgow and Inverness, will continue until February 2020. Between now and then our focus is on developing income streams that will ultimately future operation and expansion. Our current focus is on developing a range of 'eco' products from those 'hard-to-recycle' components of the clubs received. In doing so we are collaborating with universities, product designers and material recyclers. Please look out for future blog updates on this.  

Thank you to everyone who has handed in their old clubs to date, please keep doing this so we can achieve our core aim of extending the life of materials that would otherwise be thrown away.  

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